Shifting Culture

We specialise in advisory on culture Transformation

Enabling organisations to shape a future where people thrive at work.

We can’t speak to what others do, but we’re different. We’re An Advisory firm, specialising in culture transformation. Bringing extensive research into fields such as Digital Anthropology, Neuroscience, Psychology and Organisational Behaviour together with expert understanding of digital trends and their impact on task performance. Advisory& lends their expertise to Organisations looking to redefine what success means in a digital era and enabling them to shape a future where people thrive at work.

We specialise in advisory on Culture Transformation

We help companies ensure their corporate culture can adapt to future world of work developments .

Our passion is to help companies adapt to the new World of Work. We deliver a bespoke package that pinpoints your needs through our diagnostic tools and then maps out your transformation journey.

Manage the impact of the new World of Work and adapt successfully to a Hybrid workforce culture

We help our clients stay ahead of the pack by ensuring they are prepared for future developments.

If you are looking at transforming your workforce to fit future demands but are unsure of how you need to adapt – you are not alone! We have developed a performance predictive task taxonomy, and in-depth diagnostic tool, based on over 6 decades of research and insights, to provide you with detailed insight, a roadmap to transformation, and measure your progress.

Cater for growing Wellbeing requirements

As the world of work evolves, businesses need to ensure their corporate culture can adapt to changing times. Organizations can future proof their organizational culture through skilled guidance, through companies like Advisory&.

Using our in-house developed Wellbeing Index Diagnostic we take a snapshot of your employee’s emotional wellbeing which facilitates a deep understanding of the causal factors leading to lower productivity, ineffective collaboration, decreased trust and unsustainable practices. Using these data-driven insights we help you to shape and craft a unique, high impact, and sustainable Wellbeing strategy, that flexes to accommodate growing Wellbeing requirements.

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Predictive Models

How are you adapting to the changing nature of work? There are many ways to ensure your company is ready for these new challenges. You can apply our Predictive Models, supported by over 5.4 million data points, in combination with our consulting experience, expertise, and extensive research to better understand the changing landscape and inform how best to respond.

Proven Methods

How do we need to transform and re-skill to meet the demands of a new world of work? The demands of a changing world require a new type of worker. Recognising this, we’ve developed a Performance Predictive Task Taxonomy to provide a flexible Capability Framework to power performance and drive Transformation. We have more than 20 years of experience in shaping organizations and models for learning.

Scientifically backed Diagnostics

How do I care for my people? One of the most important things in this changing landscape is caring for your workers. We know how to drive your transformation. We understand the demand for value drivers and use our knowledge of how people work, learn, and change to help you meet that demand.

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