Wellbeing Index

The Index is a robust diagnostic tool that incorporates current thinking on what influences wellbeing in the workplace and allows for a more sophisticated understanding of the causal factors leading to lower productivity, ineffective collaboration, decreased trust and unsustainable practices. The Wellbeing diagnostic gathers actionable insights about the drivers of motivation, psychological safety and social contracts. The index can be used as a standalone product or as part of an integrated solution, giving clients real-time data into their workplace wellbeing and how it affects their bottom line.

Modern Virtual Learner Diagnostic

Our modern virtual learner diagnostic is an essential element of any learning organisation. The diagnostic is designed to help organisations profile their learners, understand their behaviour, increase learning technology adoption rates, and encourage learner engagement and performance.

Culture and Values Diagnostic

A new set of value drivers have emerged and demand a major shift in culture. We understand this changing landscape and share our deep understanding and knowledge of how people work, learn and change to drive your transformation.

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