Juan Swartz


I have 20 years of experience in strategy, finance, research, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). My specialty is solving complex business problems by integrating scientific discoveries into intelligent solutions.

As a Chartered Accountant and a CGMA, I started my career in Finance. After completing an MBA in Spain, I moved into strategic consulting at Accenture. As a strategic consultant, I oversaw multiple projects with annual benefits to clients of up to $500 million, while also being involved in several mergers and acquisitions worth over $100 million. In 2008, I moved into the corporate world and became a senior executive for an international airline, overseeing a budget of $4.3 billion. While completing my Doctorate in Strategy, with Finance, Organisational Theory, Organisational Behavior and Analytics in Europe, I co-founded VOR (vor.ltd) in Germany in 2010, a Science and Technology group focused on integrating scientific discoveries into intelligent solutions, in order to develop and commercialize world-first innovations. By applying the methodologies developed by VOR, we were able to successfully start-up and sell a successful BPO company and an AI recruitment platform.